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Why I’m Leaving All for Nuvali

Nuvali:  Story of My Exodus for a New Genesis

My first peek at Nuvali made me consider quitting Manila for good. I guess star-struck is the word; I saw in Nuvali a whole fresh start that I’ve always desperately dreamed of. At that one quick magic moment, I fell madly for it! It was answered prayer, to say the least. I mean, for starters, who would still want to spend the rest of his family life in daily traffic, monstrous at that, after seeing glory?

Metro Manila in two words is heavy traffic. Just imagine-my son gets up daily at 5am to catch up with a 7:15 am class. Ordinarily, an hour or two of road travel during peak hours in the metropolis is torment, to say the least. Imagine the tons of smog matter getting into your lungs, not counting the amount of deadly stress it creates.

If I apply my math prowess to the traffic dilemma, I see further how my son needlessly suffers two additional hours of arduous road travel per school day. That means 500 hours annually or 20.8 days of his life wasted yearly on meaningless road odysseys. And I see the situation getting nowhere in 3 to 5 years hence. What more when my two other younger kids join in the trek?

Well, there are rumors of more mass transport popping up in the future, but that would lend little relief, if any, or even make matters worse. So I was always struggling about the thought and wondering where all this would lead to. And then I was introduced to Nuvali.

In a blink of an eye, I saw it all: My kids having more time for sleep, study, play and others bliss that makeup what kids’ world ought to be; less stress for me when keeping up with appointments; more time with the family; and most of all, less to zero traffic jams.

Imagine, no more hours of tortuous driving, or better, no more turtle-pace or almost deadlock traffic. Instead, blissfully short 5 to 15 minute trips to and from places, and how about a 30-minute drive to Makati? I saw the fresh prospects of idyllic traffic scenarios leading to more efficient life management, plus meeting new friends, neighbors, business associates, and yes, new business opportunities and more real estate properties to sell.

Think about being a pioneer in new territory, establishing new routes to a new frontier, my kids exploring new schools and my wife new shopping centers. Faster routes to the airport! And how about cleaner and fresher air that derives from the Taal Lake, climbing up Tagaytay [which is a mere 15-minute drive away] and then gusting down to Nuvali in Laguna?

In a split-second, all these dawned on me. Nuvali is it! The Exodus is inevitable, especially now that Nuvali has captured my imagination. But can I finally abandon my birthplace, having lived in Quezon City for 44 years, deserting familiar territory where relatives and friends reside?

But that’s the wonder of Nuvali, it’s being away without being remote. It’s paradisiacal privacy without being isolated. In fact, Nuvali is simply putting all you love in a new perspective. Nuvali has finally ended my long and deep search for a fresh new start, a new beginning. A Genesis of sorts. I’m ready for my Nuvali life, and here is a chronicle of my journey, starting with the last few critical phases just prior to my monumental decision to depart from Ferndale Quezon City my home for 12 years, and the cost it will entail.

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