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ABRIO: Ayala Land Premier marks a major milestone with the launch of Abrio, its flagship neighborhood in Nuvali that has redefined standards for residential living in the Philippines.
Echoing the establishment of Forbes Park in Makati six decades ago, Abrio carries on Ayala Land Premier’s tradition of appointing the most valued address in the country.

Abrio delivers an extraordinary level of privacy, exclusivity, and security to Ayala Land Premier’s top-tier clients, who place great value in living in a discreet community without having to live behind high walls. Its roads are designed to conceal homes from street view, and its main road will have a right-of-way nearly as wide as the carriageway of Ayala Avenue.

The property’s size is limited to only 380 lots, and its building density will only be half that of comparable premium neighborhoods. Security and resource-management systems will employ the latest technology, such as infrared fencing and rainwater harvesting, to ensure an unrestricted yet environmentally responsible lifestyle. Initially sold at Php10,000 per square meter in 2007, resale lots are being sold from Php22,000-Php28,000 per square meter. We have several lots available for resale. Call for details.

The property’s size is limited to only 380 lots, and its building density will only be half that of comparable premium neighborhoods. Security and resource-management systems will employ the latest technology, such as infrared fencing and rainwater harvesting, to ensure an unrestricted yet environmentally responsible lifestyle. Initially sold at Php10,000 per square meter in 2007, resale lots are being sold from Php22,000-Php28,000 per square meter. We have several lots available for resale. Call for details.

SANTIERRA: Santierra will be the perfect natural urban refuge right beside the future NUVALI commercial/residential district.

Its expansive greens will be a result of master-planning geared towards embracing and enhancing the land’s natural features.

Most of Santierra will be wrapped around a contiguous park stretching over 5 kilometers, the longest of its kind among existing Ayala Land Premier communities.

Residents of Santierra will experience an orchestrated interplay between natural and suburban living.

Tree-lined roads will lead the perfect transition between future urban boundaries only minutes away, and exclusive private residences.

Trees and plants lining the main road have different blooming seasons. Scenery changes from up-close views of trees to large expanses of natural landscape.

Trees will be arranged to ensure that lot owners will enjoy views of the lush greenery and that houses within the clusters are not openly visible from the main road. Several houses are in the process of being built. We have in our inventory a house for sale and several “lots only”, call us for details.

MONTECITO: Tranquility is a common thread that runs through Montecito, from the amply spaced lots, to its unique greenways, landscaped parks and lake that surround the whole community. The entire development was carefully designed to blend with the natural landscape.

With 60 hectares of rolling hills generously divided into 270 lots, Montecito is Ayala Land Premier’s lowest density development in 50 years. It is perched on rolling terrain, where homes will be on one of NUVALI’s highest points. Its refreshing breeze cools the atmosphere, creating a feeling far removed from the stress of the city, yet only a short distance away from schools, malls and future business districts.

Named after the scattered hills that envelop the estate, Montecito is ideally situated at the heart of NUVALI, the country’s first economically, environmentally and socially sustainable eco-community.

Peace and quiet is at the core of this 60-hectare expanse. Montecito, “little mountain”, charms with its rolling terrain and breezy, elevated landscape. Overlooking the mountains to the South, the view extends from the bustling Makati skyline to the serene Laguna de Bay.

Montecito reserves half of its area to open space. And in an unconventional design, it provides greenways between most homes for added privacy, ventilation and recreational space.

Generously planned into only 280 lots, it is Ayala Land Premier’s lowest density development since Forbes Park in Makati. Several re-sale lots are available. Please contact us for the details.

ELARO: Elaro is envisioned to be a community that promotes healthy outdoor living.

Highlighting life’s simple pleasures, it is a residential development that embraces the community in its natural landscape. It seeks to provide a lifestyle allowing families to immerse in the outdoors and at the same time enjoy the urban conveniences provided by its ideal environment in the South.

Land and Terrain

  • Directly beside the NUVALI Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary (14 hectares)
  • Elevation ranges from 121 – 161 meters above mean sea level
  • Gently rolling terrain
  • With views of Tagaytay Ridge (West) and Mt. Makiling (Southeast)

Land Area
 Gross Land Area : 72 has.
Lot Size range : 600 to 1400 sqm
Average Lot Size : 770 sqm 
Number of Lots : 451 lots
Density : 6 lots/ha. There are currently no resale lots available in the market.


Just beyond a lush canopy of green, Ayala Land Premier reveals a distinctive new living experience in NUVALI. A 50-hectare natural expanse weaving together intimate residential enclaves.Every urban convenience cultivating family comfortably and sustainably.A fresh approach to residential development generating a legacy of growth and renewal.

Within a haven of light, an infinite community begins – Luscara.

Amenities, including a 3-hectare Clubhouse area, are designed to highlight the natural features of the land and offer vast opportunities for recreation. Children play outdoors in a naturally beautiful, safe neighborhood. Cultivating sustainability, Luscara’s amenities acquaint generations of residents with nature’s myriad textures and moods.

Main Park

  • Multi-purpose field
  • Outdoor bench seating
  • Open pavilion

Club House

  • Social hall
  • Fitness area
  • Swimming pool


Soliento is a 66-hectare community bringing together expansive parks and lush pocket neighborhoods landscaped organically just the way nature intended, 50 percent of the development is devoted to open spaces, including 17 hectares solely for parks.

Clustered into intimate park enclaves, residential lots are carefully arranged promising views of the outdoors and the continuous flow of fresh air. Serving as the perfect backdrop for cultivating deeper relationships with family and friends.

Terrain: Mix of relatively flat and rolling terrain
Views:Tagaytay Ridge (West)
Mt. Makiling (Southeast)

Land Area:
 Gross Land Area: Approximately 66 has.

Lot Size Range: 600 to 1,500 sqm

Average Lot Size: 716 sqm

Number of Lots: 462

Density: 7 lots/ ha.


Alveo Land Corp. sets its mark in NUVALI with Treveia – a residential haven that introduces a lifestyle that warmly nurtures close family and community ties in a healthy, upscale and eco-friendly environment.

Treveia offers modern conveniences which are readily available for its residents. Eco-friendly, tech-ready and cutting edge amenities in Treveia will revolutionize contemporary living.

In-line with NUVALI’s sustainability campaign, Treveia is designed to be an eco-friendly living environment with sustainable elements infused in the design. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle will be easy, if not effortless for Treveia’s residents through forward planning of community facilities, utilities and educational programs

Family and Community Nurturing 
Treveia will foster relationships within the community. Treveia’s extensive and innovative open spaces will give residents a venue to nurture the bond between family and neighbors. Highlighted by its 2.5 hectare grand central park and nature-themed pocket parks, Treveia will provide much needed space for community building among its residents. Currently, there are already more than 35 residents and many more homes being constructed in this community. Treveia is the community nearest Xavier School which is already in operation. Initially priced at Php8,500 per square meter in 2008, there are available resale lots priced at Php16,000 to Php20,000 per square meter. Call us for details.


Kick off to an active new lifestyle at Venare, Alveo Land’s second suburban community in NUVALI South. Get ready to live in a sustainable development that will fuse suburban tranquility with multi-active lifestyle choices. At Venare, you and your family will get to live the adventure of a lifetime.

Venare offers diverse opportunities for active suburban recreation within the urban and eco-friendly setting of NUVALI.

  • Urban conveniences
  • Active suburban recreation
  • Sustainable living

Situated against a dynamic backdrop of picturesque views of Laguna Lake, Tagaytay Ridge and the majestic Mt. Makiling, gently rolling terrain and cool breezes, Venare is meticulously planned for engaging and active lifestyle. With tree-filled streetscapes and multi-active parks set within its vast 74.4 hectare property, Venare’s unique masterplan will be geared towards elevating your life to the fullest.

Available resale lots for sale: 231 square meters to 543 square meters from Php15,500 per square meter to Php21,000 per square meter.


Mirala is Alveo Land’s third horizontal development within NUVALI. It is a 29.5-hectare community in Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna. It is located in close proximity to Alveo Land’s Treveia and right beside Venare in the NUVALI South district.

Mirala offers extensive opportunities for a parkside-living experience that will serve as a backdrop for the development of deeper family ties and more engaged relationships with friends and neighbors.

  • Urban conveniences
  • Active suburban recreation
  • Sustainable living


  • The Central Park
  • The Clubhouse
  • Modern statement clubhouse designed by Ed CalmaMultiple alfresco lanais with views of the infinity pool and The Grand Lawn
Function rooms with outdoor spill-over areas Fitness Gym
Infinity lap and lounge pools
Sunken pool lounge
Kiddie pool
  • The Grand Lawn Garden nooks
  • Hammock grove
  • Outdoor children’s play area Picnic grounds
  • Linear park network
  • Backyard spill-over lawns
  • Prairie walks
  • Convergence nooks with park benches and picnic tables
  • Organized bike and marathon trails
  • Meandering parks and greenways


Although Ayala Westgrove Heights is not a part of Nuvali, it is the forerunner in Ayala Land’s foray into the South. It is a beautiful community by Ayala Land Premier.

Neighborhoods in Harmony, 
Living here strikes a chord in just about everyone. With so many groups celebrating different passions and interests, it’s easy to fall in love with Ayala Westgrove Heights. Green, quiet, and secure – it’s all about us being together, nurturing what we love most about our life. Rooted in Ayala Alabang’s tradition of value appreciation and growth, life’s a song.

An Exceptional Setting 
No wonder shutterbugs love it here. Ayala Westgrove Heights’ environment is perfectly composed, with about half dedicated to neighborhoods woven fluidly through the other half that’s scenic nature.
Zoom out a bit: this is just five minutes away from NUVALI and 40 minutes from the Makati Central Business District. Everything – and everyone – just clicks. There are currently 300 residents in the 350 hectare community. There are resale lots available fro 400 square meters to 700 square meters priced from Php15,500 to Php20,000 per square meter.


Located outside Nuvali, this is Alveo Land’s gateway to the south. In Binan, Laguna, just outside the stress and pollution of the city, Verdana Homes Mamplasan offers houses and lots that are perfect for those who want to combine the warmth and traditions of suburban living with modern-day facilities and amenities.

With clustered units to keep the neighborhood intimate, as well as wide open spaces and recreational amenities for everyone to enjoy, this sprawling 42-hectare subdivision is designed to foster ideal family living. Resale lots of 200-300 square meters with prices of Php12,000 to Php15,000 are available. Please call us for details.