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Qualms on Parting Ferndale

“There I leave all: my parents, loves of mine,
I’ll go where there are no slaves, tyrants of hangmen
Where faith does not kill and where God alone doth reign.”

That was Rizal in his last poem Mi Ultimo Adios. We somewhat share the same passion for our land of origin and same hesitance to leave it but of course, mine does not involve heroism, much less life or death. But it does strike pain in my heart. Ferndale, after all, is home to me and my family. But I have decided to leave it for now.

But first, let me reminisce my times at Ferndale and show you why it is home to me. I’ve spent the best 12 years of my life, so far, at Ferndale. In fact, the excitement of moving into this formerly new found territory as a pioneer is still fresh in my heart. I recall how we moved into this neighborhood with high spirits. My daughter was just 3 years and my son only a few months old. I was then an excited 31-year-old enterprising businessman quite thankful that I was given the opportunity to live in an Ayala Land village. I was also optimistic about my budding business career. I had been into the food and salon business, and then a break opened up wide for me selling Ferndale properties. What more could I ask for?

I mean, I had my first break with real estate selling choice properties at Ferndale where I had the market all to myself. Today, I’m actually the de-facto RESIDENT REALTOR, trained in the profession in these very parts. To top it all, I live here with my family, and where else can you find an effective workplace you also call your home? Now, I have to leave all that behind me.

Moreover, Ferndale is like a small-town country community where everybody knows everybody. There’s a very unique and interesting mix of residents, there are businesspersons, bankers, lawyers, politicians, doctors, pro basketball players, celebrities, even the most respected sex therapist in the country lives here, all of them your “next door neighbors”. This may be the ideal place, it is to me, except that maybe pioneers like me always like to venture into new territory. The pioneer spirit likes being first.

Ferndale is also home to friends dear to my heart, and leaving it makes it more difficult. Here live people in my life who rose and fell with me, and whom I grew up with sharing the best and worst of life. We witnessed each others’ strengths and weaknesses in the process but long-time friendship taught us to accept each other unconditionally with lots of help from our drinking sprees which matured to bible study sessions and deep conversations about life and lessons learned.

I also lost good friends at Ferndale. Two of them left life early to be with the Lord, several others migrated to other places for various reasons. It was a pain to see them go, as I know my parting Ferndale would be pain to those I’d leave behind here. Nonetheless, we will remain good friends, regardless.

Anyway, what matters is that my wife and I, along with the kids, are all for Nuvali. And really, we won’t leave Ferndale with a heavy heart; Nuvali will be Ferndale all over again, as it was in the beginning new neighbors, new friends, new business opportunities [more properties to sell, that is] and new associates, only this time to a higher level. I envision Nuvali to be “my new” Ferndale someday.

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