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My Nuvali Home | A drive through Nuvali in Summer 2017

Finally got to visit Nuvali after years of being away.  Happy to see much of the same old still there: lots of greens, beautiful South skies, and my all-time favorite: bikers on the road.
Around Nuvali Apr2017 (18) What I found disarming: the rise of more commercial buildings everywhere, especially along Sta. Rosa road.   On one hand, what a relief for people constructing houses now that hardware stores are easier to come by.  I remember having no choice but to drive all the way to Wilcon Calamba for urgent supplies that the smaller hardware stores didn’t carry back in 2011. For an area that got people’s attention for its promise of sustainable living, I’m on the fence about the culture of “more is more”, or more specifically, buy, buy, buy. Around Nuvali Apr2017 (10) Around Nuvali Apr2017 (12) Around Nuvali Apr2017 (14) I saw there’s a new transportation terminal before the Nuvali stoplight: Around Nuvali Apr2017 (15) It’s smaller in comparison but seems to be better located. Anyone here care to share their personal experience with this hub and how it compares to the transportation terminal in Nuvali? Inside Nuvali itself, Solenad 3 is up and running and tbh it’s a really nice mall.  Not boxed in, structures are laid out in organic fashion.   I went on a non-crowded day, so I’m not sure how busy things get on weekends. Around Nuvali Apr2017 (16) Just the same, I’m glad there are cinemas in the area now. Back in 2012, I used to cherish visits to my family in Quezon City to have access to decent cinemas and would marathon up to three movies in a row just to make up for lost time! Around Nuvali Apr2017 (19) Signs for new villages that weren’t alive yet in 2013: Around Nuvali Apr2017 (21) Around Nuvali Apr2017 (22) Alternative access road to Nuvali Boulevard via Sta. Rosa road next to S&R: Around Nuvali Apr2017 (23) Only had a small window to drive through–hopefully can do a more thorough visit next time! To those who live in Nuvali now, how’s it like? Are you friends with your neighbors?

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