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I’d Like You to Meet Nuvali

One fine day I met her there, nested on the sprawling 1,840-hectare lushness of nature in that portion of Laguna bounded by Sta.Rosa and Calamba, and a tiny bit of Cabuyao. Her name’s Nuvali, something derived from the Greek word “Nova” which means increased or huge brightness or glory. Another definition has it as “Nouveau” or new. Together, they aptly depict the vastness of this new-supra-development bustling in the south. And yes-you guessed it- she’s a prime residential property in budding glory, an ambitious and gargantuan real estate task that Ayala Land has undertaken all by itself for the first time in its than 50 years of property development experience.

And why ambitious? Ayala Land estimates that Nuvali is about 8 times the size of the Makati central business district and is giving it special attention to attain a similar status. In fact, it is seen as a major property development south of Manila, attracting offshore multinational companies for their outsourcing needs. For a property lover a like Ayala to give it an all-thumbs-up, high 10 rating, Nuvali has got to be golden apple of anyone’s eyes. Ayala Land further brags that being easily a gateway to Region 4 where new progress seems to be headed, Nuvali has a huge potential of being a metropolis in her own right soon-as if Nuvali were a beauty bet with a surefire chance of winning a universal pageant.

And I utterly empathize with Ayala. I myself was dumbstruck with awe on seeing this immaculate parcel of property the first time as she was being dressed up, as it were, for a coming debut. A young lady at her prime, blossoming with promise! At once I must have her and forsake all others, even if it means giving everything I possess! And Ayala Land must have felt the same way when it decided to give her all that she deserved-“to put all our products [in one place] at the same time” was how Ayala land once put it so fondly.

Mi Patricia Adorada

Home is where you love is. Thus, the first thing you envision in a property you like is how your spouse would fit into it. Fortunately, my wife is one flesh with me in praying for and desiring an exodus to a Nuvali home soon. The same goes with my kids. So now, I can’t help feeling Nuvali as my final home. In fact, my homeland-mi patria adorada, as it were. And I believe that’s exactly how Ayala Land feels for it, too-like Motherland.

If the Philippines is basically three big islands, Nuvali is four: the Ayala Land Premier, which is the luxury brand; the Alveo, which is high-end, the Avida, mid-market; and Amaia, the affordable brand. With this concept, Nuvali provides ideal living opportunities to people across the board. Land for all, and quality at that!

Let me scrutinize the major communities further, like a husband does his wife on a honeymoon. From Ayala Premier spring the Nuvali flagship and exclusive Abrio, indulgent Santierra, idyllic Montecito, expansive Elaro, lush Luscara and the new Soliento. Alveo, on the other hand, cuddles upscale Treveia, sporty Venare, and engaging Mirala. While Avida enfolds the neighborly Avida Settings, undulating Avida Parkway, and picturesque Avida Woodhill. Last but not least, Amaia nestles low-rise snug condos.

These are planned “ecopolis” communities all applied with “Evoliving” principles that balance and interweave life, nature and technology into one total experience. With this unique blend, dwellings are designed as “green and intelligent” homes that subsist through ecological standards promoting sustainability. You find all you need in a one-stop, self sufficient and sustaining suburb-residences, offices, malls and shops, entertainment, hobbies, sports, civics, retails, plus more. You never need to look far. This is something other real estate companies direly lack in their community planning. I wonder why they didn’t think of this before.

Man, Nature, and Technology Co-Existing

Year and year out, you’d tire of hearing how man and his dwelling and use of technology wreck Mother nature in astounding proportions. Yet, no one seems to be doing anything about it-except perhaps Ayala Land. Nuvali is the first biggest fully sustainable and large-scale land development in the country, so far. It conforms to the US Green Building standards, particularly with energy and environmental design considerations.

Take the Model Green Homes, for instance. Sun shading features are achieved through the so-called passive cooling system that does not use synthetic technology or artificial temperature management. Instead, natural wind redirection is applied in the internal architectural design elements to cool of roofs and ceilings.

The Evolving Center is another fascinating ecological masterwork, aside from possessing a futuristic architectural character. Without much artificial air-conditioning, the interior is kept cool with a 90 percent application of huge Low-E glass panels all over to deflect heat from the sun. Most pathways or path walks are of Permeable Paving Blocks that allow water absorption by the soil rather than solid concrete pavements that prevent water seepage and later cause flooding.

And who wouldn’t marvel over the use of the ingenious double piping system which runs through homes and facilities to converse water? One pipe carries recycled water for cleaning and the other carries clean water for human consumption.

50-50 Well-Planned Ecological Community

Where else would you find a vast real estate property where more than 50 percent of the area is dedicated to wildlife sanctuary and forestry? Half of it is low-density residential and commercial areas [surrounded by patches of greens and park themes], and another half is wildlife forested sanctuary dotted with natural creeks and waterfalls, with hilly terrains, and trailed with biking and hiking tracks, all audited by Haribon International. It’s even segregated with a 17-kilometer buffer zone where about 100 different bird species are protected.

Even edifices in the commercial Solenad areas bounded by greenery and a 4-hectare lake, are like a microcosm of Nuvali-commerce, retail and office activities smoothly flowing in a balanced coexistence with nature. Overall, Nuvali is an all-in residential community where you find all needs met in a balanced environment. In a word, Nuvali is the place you’d stick with through life-like how marriage to an ideal spouse would be. You tackle life happily and leisurely in the best years of your life.

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