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One cannot say that he has been to NUVALI without doing some fish-feeding in SOLENAD 1 in Nuvali. Thousands of KOI fish coverage near the docking area for boating to wait and feed on the people’s throwing of fish feed that can be bought for P15 per pack. The fish feeding itself is relaxing and therapeutic. Seeing and hearing the KOI jostling and jumping for position to get food will enliven you. The fish are literally out of the water at times.

SOLENAD is one of the commercial areas of NUVALI. Solenad comes from “SOL” meaning SUN and “NAD” from the word Promenade. There is currently SOLENAD 1 & 2 composed of varied shapes and restaurants. SOLENAD 3 is in the works reportedly bigger and mall-like with cinemas (finally).

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