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Living in a place where shopping malls are within your reach may sound terrific but this is not the most important institution that should be  a few kilometres away from home. A house of God a few steps away is definitely a must-have when you are just starting a family or you’re nurturing the foundations of yours. Nuvali takes care of this concern. It is not just a community close to nature. It is also a dwelling place for faith and devotion.

Inside Nuvali stands the Oratory of St. Francis Xavier which can accommodate 500 people, evoking a new sense of wonder. The principal architect of Xavier Nuvali, Architect Jose Pedro Recio, was also the one tasked by the Jesuits to create a place of worship that would celebrate the ideals of the school as well as modern suburban life. His vision was that of a chapel rising from the ground. Likewise, the Jesuits were inspired by that moment in the Gospels when Christ spoke to disciple Peter. The bejewelled rock is designed unconventionally – an asymmetric octagon, its uneven eight walls tilting inward. One cannot miss its most significant elements which are the Crucifix on one side and the bell on the opposite. According to the architect, these elements are references to St. Francis Xavier who carried these sacred objects when he went to Asia to spread Christianity. “The finishing touch to the Oratory imagery is a reflecting pool between the Oratory and the quadrangle. On a clear and calm day, the Oratory and sky are mirrored on the water,” said Recio. The Oratory of St. Francis Xavier in Nuvali welcomes you to a weekly anticipated Saturday mass every 5:00PM. The first Saturday of every month is begins at 4:00PM.

Church 1

Just outside Ayala Westgrove Heights is St. Benedict Church. The church’s modern architecture and design makes it so hard to miss. It was intentionally designed as such to fit the landscape and community of the Ayala Westgrove Heights. According to research, it was named St. Benedict Church in connection to the neighboring St. Scholastica’s College just outside the subdivision. The mentioned church was built to offer spiritual comfort and peace for the residents of Ayala Westgrove Heights. The church’s high ceilings, arches, courtyard and simple Mediterranean-inspired interiors and façade recall the Subiaco monastery St. Benedict himself established in Italy. The church’s exterior is surrounded by open spaces, a fountain, trees, meditative walks, pathways, courtyard and greenery – mirroring the subdivision where it belongs, the Ayala Westgrove Heights. St. Benedict Church has a Holy Mass Schedule in English from Tuesday to Sunday which begins at 6:00PM. Every Sunday, it has two other Filipino services at 9:00AM and 11:00AM.

Church 2

Lastly, Sunday services by Victory Church Santa Rosa are celebrated weekly in Monochrome, Nuvali. They have four Sunday service options: 9AM, 11AM, 3PM and 5PM. The Evangelical Christian Church already has many services prepared in Metro Manila and provinces close to NCR but this time, they are expanding their reach and are making even more disciples in Nuvali. The Church is opening its first youth service this January 10 and has conducted their Sambang Gabi last 2014 Christmas Season.

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Nuvali indeed makes the family living in it feel closer to the Divine. It caters not just to devoted Catholics and Christians but also to people who are just establishing their relationship with God. Below are other churches located a few kilometres from Nuvali:

Churches in Nuvali:

  • New Valley Baptist Church – 1.11 KM away; Sta Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Silang
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church – 1.76KM away; Sta Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Silang
  • St. John Bosco Parish Church – 1.69KM away; Laguna Blvd

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