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NLEX-SLEX Connector Makes Living in the South Even Better

One of the problems that Philippines is facing is transportation, particularly congestion of the main roads that connect cities. Lately, there have been too many rants about how our trains are inefficient and insufficient and there too have been too much raves about how long it will take you to drive a few kilometers via […]


Everything went so fast. I received an email from Alveo Land informing me of a re-opened corner lot in VENARE. This meant the initial buyer backed out for one reason or another, ALVEO putting it back to the market via a lottery system since there was still a long line of buyers after VENARE was […]

Ayala Land: Mother of All Master-Planned Communities

Now, allow me to digress a bit and show you why Nuvali is such an apple of my eyes so that I and my family are falling head over heels for it. I need to introduce you to Nuvali’s “mom”, as it were, to get a bigger picture of Nuvali’s splendor. After all, they say […]

I’d Like You to Meet Nuvali

One fine day I met her there, nested on the sprawling 1,840-hectare lushness of nature in that portion of Laguna bounded by Sta.Rosa and Calamba, and a tiny bit of Cabuyao. Her name’s Nuvali, something derived from the Greek word “Nova” which means increased or huge brightness or glory. Another definition has it as “Nouveau” […]

Qualms on Parting Ferndale

“There I leave all: my parents, loves of mine,
I’ll go where there are no slaves, tyrants of hangmen
Where faith does not kill and where God alone doth reign.”

Why I’m Leaving All for Nuvali

My first peek at Nuvali made me consider quitting Manila for good. I guess star-struck is the word; I saw in Nuvali a whole fresh start that I’ve always desperately dreamed of.