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In this website, we’ve discussed why Nuvali is so much more than a plain township. Aside from the fact that it is encircled with numerous dining  and shopping options, health facilities and educational selections, Nuvali has been getting reviews that the place is rich with adrenaline. As Nuvali finally opens Camp N, summer adventure seems like it needs to be redefined. With Camp N, summer ventures now become extra exciting and a lot more engaging without compromising safety and quality time with the family. Camp N is the newest sports zone in the vast eco-community of Nuvali. It has various attractions and outdoor activities perfect for family bonding, barkada escapades and even for individuals with active lifestyles. A visit is all it takes for you to conclude that the place is every outdoor lover’s sanctuary!

Camp N 1

Ayala Land Inc, Nuvali’s developer, wants to provide a venue with both active and passive adventure facilities for everyone. Nuvali aims to encourage more families and individuals of all ages to practice an active lifestyle. Through Camp N, leisure and relaxation come in new form without compromising nature interaction.

Camp N was conceptualized to introduce fun amenities that promote a more active lifestyle. Some of these amenities are the Obstacle Course, Aerial Walk and Rope Courses, and Camping Grounds. Visitors leave Camp N with two words: challenging and thrilling, and why won’t it be? The Obstacle Course is a first of its kind in terms of size and caters three categories: advanced, intermediate and basic. The courses can be accomplished individually or as a team, making it a great choice for team building exercises, requiring both physical training and teamwork. Camp N’s very own Aerial Walk and Rope courses are fully-available especially for enthusiasts seeking for something new. The Aerial Walk and Rope courses will be made up of a series of cable ropes and obstacles strung between poles. These facilities are perfect for individuals who are always on the go for they are designed to challenge and promote personal development. For a complete outdoor experience, Camping Grounds are available at Camp N. Families and friends can spend a relaxing time in tents and sit around bonfires while staring at the stars in a cool Nuvali breeze, which is so amazing that t can put anyone at ease so easily.

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Enjoy this coming summer season by heading to Nuvali and challenge your physical and mental coordination in Camp N! Spending a day here not only reduces one’s stress level but also bonds the family in a fun and healthy way. Most importantly, kids and kids-at-heart will get to enjoy these unique activities while staying safe. Camp N personnel make sure that visitors are wearing proper protective gears and by signing a waiver at the registration, guests automatically get an insurance. For more information regarding Camp N’s services, you can ask them thru Facebook at

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