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Currently, Mountain Biking in the Philippines is beginning to grow fast as extreme sports.  One of the hindrances, though, of pursuing this sport is that there are only limited venues where one can train but with the bike trails located in Nuvali, this appears not a problem at all.

Cycling as a sport or as a hobby has been getting a growing number of followers from men and women, young people and as well as the young-at-heart. Nuvali has developed biking tracks that are perfect for various biking levels, whether you are just beginning to move on two wheels or whether you already breathe on a daily basis the cycling adrenaline. First used during the Nuvali Dirt Weekend in November 2010, Nuvali biking tracks are now frequented by both beginners and long-time bikers.

Nuvali is among the safest places for cycling. You can even enjoy the commercial areas within this complete community since there are well-designated bike parking lots in these areas. If you want to go biking at Nuvali’s bike trails, you will have to go through pre-cycling procedure which involves signing a waiver at the Nuvali clubhouse and leaving a form of identification. The clubhouse is a quick 3-to-4 kilometer ride from the start of the trail – a perfect warm-up before you tackle the trail itself. The 11-kilometer trail has several break or rest areas along it and can be quite challenging with its ascents, descents and overall ruggedness. These echelons are accompanied with a scenic view of sprawling Nuvali. At certain areas, one can enjoy sights of Mount Makiling, Laguna de bay and Tagaytay Ridge. The beginners who are not yet ready to try the bike trail may opt to ride along the equally picturesque streets of Nuvali.

Nuvali does not charge any fee for the use of its bike trails. You can enjoy biking for as long and as frequently as you like it. In case that you don’t have a bicycle with you, Nuvali rents bikes out at a generous price of Php 60.00 an hour. They also make sure that you wear a helmet for protection. So whether you want to go biking for sport or for leisure, be sure check out and pedal away at Nuvali’s biking tracks!

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