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Ayala Land: Mother of All Master-Planned Communities

Now, allow me to digress a bit and show you why Nuvali is such an apple of my eyes so that I and my family are falling head over heels for it. I need to introduce you to Nuvali’s “mom”, as it were, to get a bigger picture of Nuvali’s splendor. After all, they say a woman’s beauty is always but a reflection of her mother’s pulchritude.

Ayala land-what I call the mother of all themed communities-had already birthed winsome daughters earlier, in fact since 1834, reasons enough to say that beauty naturally runs in the family. I mean, just look at how Ayala land conceived and developed Forbes Park, Dasmarinas Village, Bel-Air Village, Urdaneta Village, Bonifacio Global City, Paseo de Magallanes, One Legaspi Park, The Regency at Salcedo, Asia Tower, Greenbelt Residences, One Roxas Triangle, Montgomery Place, Ayala Alabang, Ayala Heights, Ayala Hillside Estates, and Ferndale Homes where I presently reside, plus many more. A great number of gentlemen with their families had been lured by their charm and charisma and gave up all to possess them.

The key beauty secrets have always been the ideal balance of living, work, play, and nature for a sustainable community. If you find a place that offers ideal life as you always imagined it, you’d go for it whatever the cost. Like the story of hopeless romantics who see in real life the ideal woman of their dreams. They see right in front of them-and they couldn’t believe it- tangible as the ground they’re standing on, what they thought existed only in their dreams. Amazing how after ages, that drama plot still sells like hot cakes on TV and the movies.

Ayala Land’s enigmatic charm in creating themed communities is like that, timeless, After ages past, people from all walks of life still marvel at and prefer its attractions to what others offer, lured by the phenomenal magnetism of a typical Ayala Land project. Ayala knows the dream [or should I say “weakness”?] of every Filipino-a home that isn’t a mere roof above their heads but a smart shelter for total living. It also introduced a broader concept of sustained communities-which is not just developing land but appreciating Mother Earth.

Best of all, Ayala led the real estate industry in introducing an alternative outlook in planning communities-which is not mere space creation, division, and marketing but providing new possibilities for shaping life the way people choose to. Ayala Land communities are built for both the present and future generations, so dwellers today can leave behind a lasting and relevant legacy for posterity.

No wonder Ayala is known for being the largest and fully integrated land developer in the country, creating sustainable satellite communities within a community where everything you need under the sun is easily within access. Furthermore, the Ayala imagination is quite versatile to cover not just real property development but prime commercial spaces as well throughout the country. The result is a new opened frontier in the concept of total communities like Nuvali is, blending residences, hotel, retail, office, leisure, and nature into one big self-reliant entity. It’s really pretty much like what you’d look for in a future wife-she’s got have all-round qualities you think suits your taste: looks, brains, diction, complexion, and body proportion perhaps. Some women have this or that particular trait, but the ideal has them all in one piece. Just like Ayala Land.

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