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About Us

About Us

Where we began: AT HOME REALTY began when founder MICHAEL CARLOS ABESAMIS TAN or MIKE TAN a.k.a. REALTOR MIKE realized that there is a growing need for a different kind of realty company, one where the customer was more than just a quick transaction but a part of a long-term relationship. He then began to adjust his dealings with clients, making sure that he took their concerns into consideration especially after sales issues, he also tried to match them with the best properties for their particular needs and tried to get the best price for their properties. This approach proved to be successful because the same clients were coming back for their buying or selling of the real estate insisting REALTOR MIKE to handle everything once more, and this led him to finally create AT HOME REALTY, which capitalizes on this particular outlook to give a personalized, intimate service, all with the clients’ specific needs in mind. What we do: Engaging AT HOME REALTY begins with introductions. We get to know our clients, finding out not only what they are looking for in a property, but also about their other concerns which we then put into consideration when selecting and matching properties. We then act as representatives of our clients, arranging for both the financing and negotiating with the sellers for the best price possible. We guide our client through the entire process of purchase, making sure that they remain informed and aware of their options throughout. In keeping with our focus on personal service, we introduce our clients to the possible communities they may join and give them options on deciding which community would suit them best. Our service does not end with the sale; we also help our clients with their needs after the sale, including documentation and even assisting with the physical transfer to their new property. Regarding seller/client, we do research regarding the correct pricing of their property using our vast network of licensed cooperating brokers and various databases. We believe that correct pricing is critical and essential in the sale of a property. We market the property using different channels of exposure and advertisement. We guide our seller through the entire process of the sale, making sure that they are informed about inquiries and offers. We make sure that our seller gets the highest possible price that the market can offer.

Mission (Who We Are)

We believe that our clients are not merely customers, but are partners in achieving progress. Our mission is to give our partners professional, personalized real estate services so that we can forge long-term, lasting, productive relationships with each and every partner we engage with and interact with them regularly for generations to come. We do not subscribe to typical transactional selling; we will continue to be available to our clients even after the deals are closed, done and finished. We will achieve this by working carefully and patiently on every transaction, using our experience and sincere concern for our partners to ensure that our joint goals are realized.

Our Values

Sincerity, Integrity & Conservativeness We are honest and forthcoming with our clients whenever we deal with them. Our honesty enhances not only how they view us, but also reinforces our belief that integrity will generate respect and loyalty among our clients. We are conservative in the sense that we are cautious and careful with our clients and will not ask them to take unnecessary risks simply to gain a short term profit for ourselves. Experience, Competency & Professionalism We capitalize in our years in the realty business to be able to provide them with the best experience they can receive. We will deal with our clients with the outmost professionalism and skill as these prove of our capability to cater to their needs.

Our Personality

Open, Personal & Intimate We want people to be comfortable and to trust us and so, we will be welcoming and sincere to our clients. We are professional, but we are also able to listen and we are willing to promote a spirit of intimacy with the clients. Our clients will become partners who will work with us now and in the future. They are not just customers on a roster. Relaxed, Sleek & Prudent We will also conduct ourselves in a relaxed manner and will, as much as possible, present ourselves as modern, cosmopolitan realtors. We will not be too bold or daring, however, as we understand that our future partners will want to forge long term, lasting relationships and not just create impressive first impressions. Long Term: We aim to become a top boutique realtor in the country, a business that serves a specialized clientele, providing clients with premium personalized and professional properties and services that can be depended on for their quality and value. We aim to be continuous partners with our clients, becoming a reliable and immediate choice for their realty needs.

Our Products

  • Personalized evaluation and matching of property with clients.
    • Extensive interview and needs assessment
    • Presentation of possible property options
  • Purchase process guidance
    • Client education about the process
    • Documentation assistance
    • Appraisal and analysis of proposed properties
    • Hands-on management of the purchase process
  • Post-sale assistance
    • Documentation assistance (titles, transfer certificates)
    • On-site assistance (physical transfer)

About the founder

To Michael Carlos “Mike” A. Tan, there’s nothing more valuable than forming personalized and strong relationships with his clients. He enjoys getting to know his clients, finding out not only what they are looking for in a property, but also seeing to it that their personality, concerns, special needs, and specific requests are taken into account in order to find them the best suited property, at the best possible price. His genuine care and thoughtfulness for his clients differentiates Mike from other realtors. In fact, even after the transaction, he sees to it that his clients are well-assisted throughout the documentation process and the physical transfer into their new properties. This effort has rightfully earned Mike Tan his title as “Realtor Mike,” and the go-to man for anything real estate to his many returning clients. Realtor Mike has been in the real estate business for 15 years, working with Ayala Land with it’s different brands (Ayala Premier, Alveo Land and Avida Land). He is currently a member of the Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards (PAREB) and the National Association of Realtors of America (NAR). He was also previously a member of the Real Estate Brokers’ Association of the Philippines (REBAP). He took his primary and secondary education at Ateneo de Manila and Colegio San Agustin, respectively. He finished his Bachelor’s degree in the University of the Philippines Diliman and took his post-graduate degree at the Asian Institute of Management (Masteral in Entrepreneurship). He is also a business owner, having owned and operated various small business and franchises including Pancake House, Bruno’s Barber’s, David’s Salon and Metro Salon.